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Rheumafin (CE)

Rohdé has since 1963 manufactured and sold the special Paraffin compound "Rheumafin (CE)" , which is developed for Paraffin Bath Heat Treatment for Rheumatism, Rehabilitation etc. in Hands & Feet.

The Rheumafin Treatment has helped many patients to live a more normally functioning life, without the normal severe medical treatment.

The Rheumafin (CE) enables a special treatment method in three phases:

1.: The painrelieving treatment is started by quickly dipping the required area into the 50 degr. Celcius Rheumafin (CE) repeatedly until a glove is formed. The length of the period where the client allows the heat to work inside the glove is determined by the treatment needs of the client. In some cases the glove is insulated with cloth etc. to prolong the duration of the treatment.

When the temperature inside the glove has cooled down to normal body temperature, the first phase is completed, and the client experiences relief from pain.

2.: In this phase the motor skills are controlled. As many rheumatic patients develop severe problems with movement of the outer two fingers, the client is requested to make a slight quiver with all fingers until the glove turns white. When the glove becomes totally white, it is the sign that the joints are functioning. If this is not achieved, the patient will require a different treatment for this problem.

The motor skills are now controlled and the client has now an almost loose Rheumafin glove on.

3.: Lastly a muscle strengthening exercise is applied, to assist the clients ability to live a normal life by being able to open cans, use knife and fork etc.

The glove is taken off, and is put into the hand it originally surrounded. The client then presses out the remaining air pockets from the Rheumafin using the finger muscles etc., and hereby strengthening relevant muscle groups.

Finally should mentioned that Rheumafin contains a skin softener - a great benefit to the many rheumatism patients who have very dry and thin skin on their hands.

Heat treatment using Rheumafin (CE) is not only efficient and pleasant, it is also very easy for the professional therapist to implement. The client must be instructed and supervised in the beginning, but after a while the clients can perform the treatment without much supervision, enabling the therapist to devote the attention to other clients.

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