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Product overview

The following products are manufactured by Rohdé Produits and are offered to professionals (B2B) worldwide:

Dane - Gel (CE) Laser Gel for Laser, IPL & Light (Types E2C, R0 & R2).

Dane - Gel (CE) Ultrasound Gel for Ultrasound: Scanning, Echografy, Dobbler, Diagnostics & Treatment. (Types E2, E2C, R0, R1 & R2).

Dane - Gel (CE) Electrode Gel for Electricity: (Electrodes & Diodes) ECG, TNS, TENS & Pulse. (Types E2, E2C & R0).

ROHDÉ MASSAGE CREAMS for Professionals: Five types, two based on Paraffin Oil (White or Antiseptic), one on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and HEAT.

RHEUMAFIN for Paraffin Baths. Special paraffin compound for heat treatment of Rheumatic Ailments and Rehabilitation.

Dane - Gel (CE) & RHEUMAFIN (CE) are Registred Trademarks.

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