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Massage cream

Rohdé Produits has manufactured high quality Massage Creams for Professionals since 1947.
We offer three fundamentally different types of Massage Creams:

Massage Creams on Paraffin Oil. Standard and Antiseptic quality.
Massage Creams on Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
HEAT Cream. Massage Cream with heat effect.

The Creams on Paraffin Oil are widely used by Professional who value a very soft and smooth Massage feeling for Patient and Professional.

The Creams are not absorbed into the skin during the Massage, enabling the user to finish the Massage without having to apply more Cream. This also means that it is very economical in use. The smoothness is very important for the protection of fingers and joints of the Professional. The Massage Cream has to be cleaned off after the Procedure. Apart from the Antiseptic Ingredient, these Creams do not contain any Perfume or any Cosmetic or none functionally reasoned ingredients.

Rohdé Standard and Antiseptic Massage Creams are offered in 270 gr., 2,5 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg containers (Picture).

Rohdé Massage Creams on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and does not contain any Perfume, colour or additive of any kind. The Creams are even hardened with Bees Wax. The Creams are partly absorbed into the skin, making it soft and moised, which is good for both Patient and Professional. It is not necessary for the Cream to be cleaned off after treatment, which many patients like. The feel of the Massage Cream enables the Professional to have a good feel of the deeper layers of the Body.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil based cream are offered in 125 gr, 270 gr and in 3 kg containers.

Rohdé HEAT Cream is a medium powerful Heat Cream that needs to be massaged into the skin. When done, it gives a deep and very nice warmth. It is very well suited for sports, both as an aid in the warm-up phase, but most of all as a sub-acute treatment help of tired and overstrained muscles. Avoid applying it to open wounds, to places with very thin skin, and avoid eating it or getting it into the eyes.

Rohdé HEAT Cream does not contain any Perfume, Colour or Cosmetic ingredients of any kind. The active natural ingredients are Chilli, Campher, Menthol etc. It is offered in 125 go, 270 gr and in 2,5 kg containers.


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